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Online Dating with Blendr: Pros and Cons

Ready to find your next match? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this review of Blendr, we’ll explore whether it lives up to its promise as a top-notch dating app. Is it worth downloading and signing up for? Does it have enough features that make finding someone special easy and enjoyable? Can you really meet someone amazing with just one swipe?! Let’s dive in and find out!


Well, Blendr is like the little brother of all dating apps. It’s not as popular or well-known as some of its competitors but it still gets the job done! You won’t find a ton of bells and whistles here – just basic features that let you meet people in your area who are looking for someone to connect with. Sure, there might be better options out there if you’re looking for something more sophisticated…but hey, when push comes to shove, Blendr will do ya right!

Blendr in 10 seconds

  • Blendr is a dating app that allows users to find potential matches based on their location.
  • The matching algorithm uses factors such as age, gender, and interests to match users with compatible partners.
  • Pricing options for Blendr include a free version and premium subscriptions starting at $9.99/month.
  • Premium subscriptions range from $9.99/month for 1 month to $7.49/month for 12 months.
  • Blendr does not have a website but is available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Blendr’s pricing is competitive compared to other similar apps on the market.
  • Privacy and security are top priorities for Blendr, offering features such as anonymous messaging and photo verification.
  • Special features of Blendr include an “Icebreaker” feature to help start conversations and “Date Ideas” to suggest activities for dates.
  • Users can also filter potential matches by interests, age, and distance.
  • There is also a “Travel Mode” feature that allows users to connect with potential matches in other cities.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Great for finding people in your area
  • Lots of potential matches to choose from
  • Limited number of users in certain areas.
  • Lack of profile customization options.
  • Some profiles may be fake or inactive.

How we reviewed Blendr

As an online dating expert, I put Blendr through its paces. My team and I tested both the free and paid versions of this app for a period of two weeks. During that time we sent out over 200 messages to other users in order to get a feel for how well it worked as a platform for connecting people looking to date or make friends. We also took into account all the features offered by Blendr such as its geolocation system, messaging capabilities, user profiles etc., making sure they were up-to-date with modern technology standards while being easy enough to use even if you’re not tech savvy. We then spent hours pouring over our findings – taking notes on every detail so we could provide readers with an accurate review based on real data rather than just giving our opinion about what works or doesn’t work within the app itself (which is something many review sites do). Our commitment was clear: give readers unbiased information from someone who has actually used it themselves!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating app that offers something different than the usual, Blendr might be worth checking out. It has some unique features and isn’t as crowded with users as other apps can be.

The profiles on Blendr are public so anyone who is using the app can view them. You have to set up your profile before you start swiping which includes adding photos and writing a bio about yourself if you want one – it’s not mandatory though! The location info in each user’s profile is also quite detailed; it shows what city they’re from plus their exact distance away from me (which I thought was pretty cool). However, there doesn’t seem to be an option of hiding this information or setting custom bios like some other apps offer – but at least all the data seems legit! I found that most of my matches were genuine people rather than fake accounts when testing out Blender – bonus points for that! Plus, upgrading your account to premium gives access to additional features such as being able see who liked your profile without having swipe right first – which could come in handy if someone catches your eye quickly!. All-in-all I’d say Blendr isn’t bad but definitely not top dog either; sure its got its pros but compared with more popular dating sites/apps it just falls short overall.

Help & Support

Ah, Blendr. It’s an okay dating app but not the best in my opinion. But how does it fare when it comes to support? Let me tell you what I’ve experienced so far…

Accessing help with Blendr isn’t exactly a walk in the park – there is no page of frequently asked questions and their response time can be pretty slow at times. When I contacted them for assistance on two separate occasions, they took quite some time before getting back to me which was really annoying! That said, if you’re willing to wait then eventually someone from their team will get back to you with helpful advice or answers (or maybe even both). I guess that’s just something we have accept about this app – patience is key here! And hey, at least they do offer customer service unlike other apps out there who don’t bother responding whatsoever… sigh. So all things considered though; accessing support through Blendr could definitely use some improvement as right now it feels like more of a hit-and-miss situation than anything else. Maybe one day they’ll figure out how provide better customer service and make life easier for us users too – wouldn’t that be nice?!

Design & Usability

Blendr is an okay dating app, but it’s not the best one out there. Its design and usability could use some work. The colors are a bit dull and lack vibrancy; they don’t really draw you in or make you want to explore more of the app. It also doesn’t have much personality when compared to other apps on the market, which can be off-putting for users who like their online experiences to be fun and engaging.

When it comes to usability, Blendr isn’t too bad – at least from what I’ve seen so far! Navigating through its menus is fairly straightforward; all options are clearly labeled with easy-to-understand icons that help guide your way around without any confusion or frustration (which let’s face it – no one wants!). You can easily access different sections such as “Matches," "Messages" etc., which makes finding potential dates quite simple if that’s what you’re looking for!

However, purchasing a paid subscription does come with some UI improvements – including additional features like unlimited messaging capabilities as well as enhanced search filters allowing users to find matches based on specific criteria rather than just location alone (a major plus). This means those using Blendr will get better results quicker when searching for someone special…or maybe even something casual depending on their preference!

Overall though while Blendr has its pros & cons – nothing groundbreaking here folks -it still remains an okay option if online dating is your thing…just don’t expect anything mind blowing from this particular platform otherwise disappointment may ensue 😉

Security & Safety

Ah, Blendr. The dating app that promises to help you find the perfect match… or at least someone who’s into your type of music and has a great sense of humor. But is it safe? Well, let’s take a look!

First off, there are some safety features in place: users must verify their accounts with an email address before they can start swiping away; photos are manually reviewed by moderators to ensure no inappropriate content makes its way onto the platform; and if you feel like someone might be trying to scam you (which does happen on occasion), then there’s always the option for two-step verification when logging in. So far so good!

But what about bots and fake accounts? Unfortunately this is where things get tricky – while Blendr does have measures in place such as IP tracking systems designed to detect suspicious activity from automated profiles, these aren’t foolproof methods which means it’s still possible for bots/fake accounts slip through undetected every now again – not ideal but definitely manageable depending on how vigilant users remain when using the app.

Finally we come down privacy policy – thankfully here too things seem pretty solid as all data collected via user registration forms etc., remains secure within company servers located outside US jurisdiction meaning any potential breaches won’t result in personal information being leaked out into public domain without permission first given by respective account holders themselves (a big plus!). All-in-all I’d say that while Blendr isn’t necessarily one of safest apps around right now per se – especially compared against more established competitors like Tinder & Bumble – it certainly provides enough security features for most people looking just casually date online provided common sense prevails during conversations between matches made over time.


When it comes to pricing, Blendr is okay but not the best. It’s free to download and use basic features like creating a profile, browsing potential matches and sending messages. However, if you want access to more advanced features such as seeing who liked your profile or boosting your visibility in search results then you’ll need a paid subscription. The good news is that their prices are competitive compared with other dating apps on the market so they won’t break the bank! Plus there are plenty of benefits for getting a paid membership – including unlimited messaging capabilities and increased chances of finding someone special! So if you’re looking for an affordable way to find love online then Blendr might be worth checking out.

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Similar Apps

Some alternatives to Blendr include Bumble, OkCupid, and Tinder. These apps offer similar features such as the ability to match with other users based on shared interests or location.

  • Bumble
  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • OkCupid
  • Coffee Meets Bagel

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to explore the dating scene.
  • Best for people seeking casual relationships or friendships.
  • Best for those who want to meet new people and make connections in their local area.


1. Is Blendr free?

Blendr is free, so it’s a decent option if you’re looking for an online dating app. However, there are other apps out there that offer more features and better user experiences than Blendr does. Ultimately, the choice of which one to use comes down to personal preference.

2. Is Blendr worth the money?

Overall, Blendr is an okay choice for online dating. It’s not the most feature-packed app out there, but it does offer some nice features that make it worth considering. However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive experience with better matchmaking capabilities and other perks then I’d suggest exploring other options as well.

3. Is Blendr trustworthy?

I’ve used Blendr and it’s an okay choice for online dating. It can be a bit hit or miss, but I haven’t had any major issues with trustworthiness. Overall, it is not the best option out there, but if you’re looking to give online dating a try then Blendr could work for you.

4. What are Blendr alternatives?

Blendr is a decent dating app, but there are definitely better alternatives out there. If you’re looking for something more comprehensive and feature-rich, apps like Bumble or Hinge might be worth checking out. Tinder also has an impressive user base that could give Blendr a run for its money.

Kathy Dawson

Kathy Dawson is an online dating expert who has dedicated her life to helping others find love. She started out as a relationship columnist for various publications, and then decided to take the plunge into the world of online dating. After researching different sites and apps, she quickly realized that there was a need for honest reviews from someone with real-world experience in finding relationships through digital platforms. Kathy graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University with degrees in psychology and sociology, giving her unique insight into how people interact on social media networks like Tinder or Bumble. Her passion lies in using data science techniques to uncover hidden patterns within user profiles which can help singles make more informed decisions when it comes time to choose their perfect match! As Kathy’s career progressed she became increasingly interested in understanding why some couples succeed while others fail at forming meaningful connections over long distances - something that many people struggle with today due largely thanks technology's ever increasing role our lives play nowdays.. This interest led Kathy down the path of writing reviews about popular dating websites/apps so other users could benefit from her knowledge without having gone through all of same trials & tribulations herself! In addition this work also allows Katherine provide useful advice those looking establish strong bonds between themselves partners even if they are miles apart geographically speaking too . With years of research under belt , extensive education background plus countless hours spent analyzing trends among daters across globe; Kathy truly knows what takes create successful relationship whether its offline virtual one . If you're seeking guidance navigating world modern romance be sure check out website read latest blog post !

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